child prep

bedjumpingBefore the session, try to talk to your child about what they are going to be doing. Make it a fun experience, tell them how fun it will be, and how we will get pretty pictures for everyone to look at. Keeping the idea of the session upbeat and exciting is the best way to go.

Most children age 2-3 and up will tolerate 2-3 clothing changes per session.

When you arrive, many times I will sit down with your kids for a few minutes and just get to know them. I’ll ask their names, their favorite books, what they like to eat, etc. Sometimes I’ll sneak in a quick pick of them and then immediately show it to them so they can see how handsome or beautiful they are. My goal is to get them comfortable with me and to not view me as a stranger.

During the session, the goal is to keep them having a good time. Sometimes they will get tired, or need a little break. Every now and then, it is helpful if the parent sort of walks away a few feet and pretends as though they aren’t paying attention. This puts the child’s attention on me and my direction and keeps their focus off of pleasing or antagonizing their parents. I adore chasing a child around to get laughs and real smiles.